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Most of us could use a few more wonderful surprises, a little more nourishment and an extra dose of joy in our lives! I am an artist and a lover of snail mail. I am happiest when I am creating and sharing that creativity with others. Little Box of Joy is a combination of all these loves.


We all need blessings and support. How often do we allow ourselves to be nurtured in this way? Perhaps you’d like to treat yourself to this gift. I am eager to send you a little box of joy, right now, from my heart to yours.


They are meant to be given away:)


Completely hand-made with love, give a card to a friend or loved one, slip one

into a pal's pocket or hand one to the nice barista who makes your latte. Each card is handwritten and designed with a unique magical message like the ones pictured and is sealed in a white envelope. You could also save a few for yourself to be opened on a day when you really need a note from the universe. 

They would be fun at a dinner party or tucked in your bag for spontaneous giving. 

how the boxes work

I take my love of making art, offering surprises and creating beauty and I send you a Little Box of Joy. 


Each personalized box is unique, infused with mystery and inspiration. You tell me a bit about YOU, yourself, and I create a box designed to bring you the greatest JOY!!!

As each personalized box is lovingly hand made and put together, please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery. Please note: the listed shipping cost applies to US addresses only!

Astrological mystery balls, are typically shipped within 3 to 5 days of ordering.

send me a message

I received my second little box of joy and wanted to send a huge thank you!!! These little boxes have been such special gifts

...Several of the items you've lovingly created and sent have ended up on my altar at home. :-) The things you've sent have felt so perfect for where I am in my life and I treasure them.

- Julie
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